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The Yagodina Cave

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The Yagodina Cave is a multi-level marble complex, inside which a rich collection of artifacts from the Neolothic Age has been discovered.

The gallery where visitors begin their itinerary is known as New Year’s Hall. On New Year's Eve, it gathers many guests from the region. It usually has a real Christmas tree! The next hall is The Wedding Chapel, fitted with an altar and wall decorations to give it some ceremonial glare.

The cave gives its visitors a unique opportunity to admire almost every type of cave formation and many cave pearls. They are formed just like the real pearls - everything starts with grains of sand that fall into the water and then, year after year, they are coated with layers of calcite. 

Besides the standard tourist route, Rhodope Tourist Association guides offer excursions through the wild galleries of The Yagodina Cave - a wonderful opportunity for extreme tourism. Beautiful views of the cave definitely make the effort well worthwhile. Mitkulishev Photography Ivan Mandevski © Photo: Svetoslav Todev

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