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The Stone Mushrooms

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The rock formations were declared a natural landmark by Order No.1427 from 13.05.1974. The protected area covers 3 hectares.

These harmonious rocks are shaped like mushrooms with pink stalks and greenish caps. The height of the stumps and the width of the cap is about 2.5 m. They are sculpted in rhyolite volcanic tuff. Tuff, of which stone-shaped mushrooms are built, is also the result of intense underwater volcanic activity dating back to the Paleogene.

After the withdrawal of the sea and the consistent elevation of the seabed, the rocks began eroding. The lower, pink layers proved to be softer and easier to succumb to the effects of exposure to sun, wind and rain.

The upper, green layer contains more resistant minerals, in particular, volcanic glass, which makes it less prone to erosion. In this way, through thousands of years, this wonderful combination of unique shapes and colours has emerged.

It plays a small role in biodiversity conservation. Mitkulishev Photography Ivan Mandevski © Photo: Svetoslav Todev

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