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The Regional Museum of Ethnography and History in Pazardzhik

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The museum passed through the stages of amateur work of patriotic Bulgarians and a community center, today, it plays an important role in the national museum system. The ethnographical exhibition was opened in 1974 an it embodies the rich spiritual and material culture of the people of Pazardzhik.

The permanent exhibition of the museum is laid out in different rooms. It covers a large period of time - from prehistory to the modern Bulgarian history. The visitors can see various models of material and spiritual culture of the Pazardzhik region such as a model home, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic pottery from the Neolithic and Chalcolithic, rich idol figurines, cult objects, ancient, medieval and Western European coins, weapons, jewelry and one of the richest collections of votive tablets of a Thracian horseman. Mitkulishev Photography Ivan Mandevski © Photo: Svetoslav Todev

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