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The National Museum of History

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The National Museum of History, with more than 700,000 cultural monuments, is one of the largest and richest history museums on the Balkan Peninsula. It depicts the history of Bulgarian lands from 8,000 years ago to the present day. The main museum exhibition is divided into 5 categories: Prehistory, Ancient Thrace, and the Middle Ages – First (7th-11th century) and Second Bulgarian Empire (12th - 14th century), the Bulgarian lands in the 15th - 19th century and the Third Bulgarian Empire (1878 to the present day). In a separate hall, a collection of antique coins is exhibited. Finally, in the courtyard of the museum, you can find a rich collection of stone columns and monuments from various epochs(Greek, Roman, Byzantine). Mitkulishev Photography Ivan Mandevski © Photo: Svetoslav Todev

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