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The Metochion in Sopot

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The monastery church was built in the 15th century in place of an old chapel. The Sopot metochion itself was founded in 1665, when residential buildings started to emerge around the temple. The monastery used to host a primary school.

Nuns from the Sopot Metochion actively engaged in the national liberation struggle of the Bulgarian people. 

In the 30’s of the 20th century, a scriptorium for copying of religious literature and a school of iconography for nuns was active inside the metochion. 

Here, the oldest wine in South-eastern Europe (and possibly in all of Europe) is preserved, which is 350 years old. 

The cloister was even described by Ivan Vazov, one of the greatest Bulgarianwriters, in many of his famous works. Mitkulishev Photography Ivan Mandevski © Photo: Svetoslav Todev

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