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The Ivan Vazov House

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The birthplace of Ivan Vazov in Sopot was built by his grandfather in the 18th century. Unfortunately, the original building was burned down during the devastation of Sopot by the Turks in 1877.

In 1920, on during the preparation for the 70th anniversary of the writer’s birth, it was decided to restore his house was relying on the memories of Vazov’s brothers and sister, as well as the information available in some of his works, and turn the building into a museum. 

The Ivan Vazov House Museum in Sopot brings the atmosphere of the Renaissance with its picturesque uniqueness emanating from the colourful carpets and rugs woven by the skilful hands of Vazov’s mother. 

The museum in Sopot is the patriotic hearth and sanctuary for all Bulgarians. Mitkulishev Photography Ivan Mandevski © Photo: Svetoslav Todev

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