Our cultural tours are prepared and organized by us in a way that allows you to see as many sites and attractions as possible without unnecessary transfers or inconvenience. They vary in terms of duration: from 1-day trips, weekend tours and city breaks to longer, multi-day trips. The cultural tours take you on a magical journey to the past, presenting treasures and stories from the 5th millennium BC to this day. 

Longer trips

In this category we have arranged tours lasting 6-7 days, which is sufficient for a short vacation that will give you a unique taste of Bulgaria.

Products in Category
The Trail of Thracian and Bulgarian Rulers. 6 nights, from €645
This well-balanced tour will present you a mix of archeology, history, architecture, culture, traditions, delicious Bulgarian cuisine and places sacred for all Bulgarians.
Discover The True Spirit of Bulgaria. 7 nights, from €744
This tour is designed to show the most special places in Bulgaria. We will visit magnificent relics of ancient civilizations, emblematic Bulgarian monuments, cosy villages with a unique Bulgarian atmosphere and we will rest in the bosom of nature surrounded by breathtaking sights and pure environment.
Central Balkan Mountains and the wonderful Rhodope Mountains - a tour for connoisseurs, 7 nights, from €692
Central Balkan Mountains, Plovdiv and the wonderful Rhodope Mountains, a tour for connoisseurs that will take you through: Sofia - Lovech - Troyan - Kalofer - Karlovo - Sopot - Plovdiv - Koprivshtitsa – Sofia. Mitkulishev Photography Ivan Mandevski © Photo: Svetoslav Todev

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