Bulgaria witnessed the rise and fall of many civilisations since the Palaeolithic, and the whole territory is full of remains from the past which reveal and tell the story of fascinating ancient times. 

Here, we can find the earliest traces of human symbolic behaviour from prehistory coming from 44 000 years ago. The skilful craftsmen of Thrace left more than 80 gold treasures buried on the Bulgarian soil. Thanks to them, today we can admire magnificent ancient tombs and temples. The land fell under the Macedonian, Celtic and Roman rule. Huns, Goths and Avars also passed through this beautiful country. The Greeks built amazing coastal towns. Around the 7th century came the Slaves, followed by the brave Bulgarians lead by Khan Asparouh. The Ottoman Empire also left a mark and an Eastern touch in the history of Bulgaria. 

The country’s rich, bitter-sweet history full of moments of pain and glory is engraved in every inch of its territory. To this day, Bulgaria remains a multicultural crossroad between Europe and Asia with a unique atmosphere that can only be felt, tasted and experienced here. Every step you make and every stone you touch hides thousands of memories and tells uncountable stories from the past. 

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Bulgaria a piece of paradise