Bulgaria is a crossroad between Europe and Asia, and as such, it is a rich and diverse cultural melting pot. Music, dance, folklore, festivals, cuisine and traditions that are still vivid in the 21st century – it all adds up to a lifestyle filled with the unique historical spirit of this country. 

Many Bulgarian customs and rituals come from antiquity. They have been influenced not only by the Eastern Orthodox Christianity but also by Asian traditions. Some of the most popular rituals include: dancing on fire, mummering, Laduvane (a ritual in which women predict their future marriage prospects), Lazaruvane (the tradition welcoming spring), traditions related to the circle of life, the rose picking customs, folk music and national dances, especially the Horo. 

Bulgarian cuisine is particularly diverse and delicious. It consists of various salads, breadstuffs, stews, and other local dishes. Many of them are prepared according to traditional recipes passed on from generation to generation over the centuries.

Bulgarians have developed and enriched their culture over the millennia, and they continue to develop it to the present day. Bulgarians take pride in their literature, arts, music, and architecture.

The country offers a rich variety of cultural festivals all year long and cultural life blossoms in cafes and restaurants. It is no coincidence that Plovdiv has been elected the European Capital of Culture 2019.

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