Bulgaria can boast an enormous wealth of natural diversity including magnificent wilderness, an abundance of rare plants and animal species and unique natural landmarks. It possesses an impressive variety of natural forms. 

The mountain massifs stretch majestically throughout the country promising breath-taking views and adventure. The Black Sea coastline offers some of Europe’s finest beaches, marvellous cliffs and fabulous bays. The Rose Valley lures with colours and fragrance. Gorges, rock pyramids, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, wondrous rock formations and caves tempt tourists from all over the world at every corner.

Bulgaria’s dazzling diversity of flora and fauna, including one of the largest bear populations in Europe and 35% coverage of land with forests, along with its climate ensuring long and sunny summers, renders the country a real natural paradise. Its natural richness is preserved in 3 National and 11 Natural Parks whose main goal is to encourage environmentally friendly tourism.

The country’s favourable climate and natural attractions provide the basis for the development of its numerous marine, mountain, balneological and spa resorts.


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Bulgaria a piece of paradise